10 Ways Partner Intelligence Can Transform Your Partner Ecosystem for 2024

Transform Your Partner Ecosystem


You have just days days before 2024.

Is that enough time to incorporate partner intelligence that will make a transformative difference in how your partner ecosystem program crosses the threshold in the new year?

Absolutely! Obtaining partner intelligence is now incredibly simple, quick and affordable with PartnerOptimizer. And if you don’t start off 2024 with partner intelligence to build upon, you are most likely about to allocate budget, time and resources on the wrong partner initiatives.

Here are 10 partner intelligence enhancements you can act on right now:

  1. Surface which of your inactive partners actually match your Ideal Partner Profile and go activate them!Top of Form Whether you find 5, 25, or 100, there’s revenue to uncover!
    • Understand how many and how well your existing partners match the Ideal Partner Profile of your best performing partners but just aren’t engaged for some reason. You can see who is an excellent fit, very good or good – and power up your engagement engine. They already know you and are the ones who are most likely to do business with you. And, if they don’t fit at all – scrape those one and donners barnacles off your hull and move faster.

  2. Identify Your Star Partner’s DNA: Expand with their Kin and Expand Your Ecosystem!:

    • Just like Ancestry or 23andMe, we can identify the genetics of your top partners. And we can tell you who is out in the market that’s a match – and go get them. No one has been able to do this until PartnerOptimizer – that’s why only 20% of partners generally deliver 80% of revenue. But we can. We help you speed Ideal Partner Profile identification and speed discovery by 600%, increase conversions by 1,400% and reduce cost of acquisition by 539%.

  3. Enrich, Refresh, Renew your Partner Database:
    • It happens to everyone. Like Harry Potter mail, data and intel come into your CRM or PRM through every open window, chimney and door from multiple sources. It’s usually incomplete, inconsistent and becomes obsolete quickly. This means you don’t have a clean, panoramic view of your partner data that lets you see a current where you are sum total, and be able to dial in on specializations and regions for marketing programs and expansion with data you know is fresh.
  4. Qualify and score your untouched partner prospects:
    • Trade shows. Lunch and learns. Webinars. These initiatives all “generate” leads and despite best intensions, which don’t get vetted, de duped and enriched immediately, despite they’re the result of expensive marketing initiatives. Put them into PartnerOptimizer and see how they match up to your Ideal Partner Profile, enrich with missing data, and get them into the system so you can get to work.
  5. Do your own end of season marketing push:
    • Need to do a final push for a product, need a few more partners in a particular region, need to get folks onboard for a first of the year event? Let PartnerOptimizer help you develop an Ideal Partner Profile for what you’re trying to accomplish – and we’ll pop out the intel.
  6. Accelerate your co-selling muscle:
    • Very little is hotter in the market than co-selling, thanks to companies like PartnerTap, Reveal and Crossbeam. But you need to first identify the partners that match your Ideal Partner Profile, and THEN you can get after your “better together” story to go after your mutual selling targets.
  7. Get Your Distributors to use MDF for Partner Discovery:
    • Let’s face it. Distributors work with a multitude of vendors with a multitude of products, across a multitude of specializations, across a wide range of geographies. Try as anyone may, grokking the data necessary to make it easy to see which partners are really best positioned to be successful for each vendor’s products is essentially impossible, or not nearly as thorough and exact, as what PartnerOptimizer’s AI-Powered partner intelligence engine can deliver. Encourage your distributors to use their MDF funds to refresh and enrich their data. Everyone benefits from a data-driven approach to making sure they have the right partners.
  8. Understand Your Competitor Landscape with Partners:
    • Yes, it’s the holidays. But when it comes to ensuring success against the competition, all bets are off. You need to enter the year knowing your competitive position with your partners – where you’re strong, where you’re weak, and where you have opportunity to gain share with new tactics or products. PartnerOptimizer can give you that view in black and white – well, color actually – by extracting thousands of data points to show you exactly how well and how much you show up compared to your partners with your competitive set.
  9. Audit Your Partners’ Brand Alignment:
    • For all the MDF funds that aren’t spent, plenty are. And while no one likes audits, it’s an important part of vendor/partner relationships to make sure all elements of the partnership are working well. PartnerOptimizer helps you evaluate how well your partners are representing your brand – and helps you know where to put more money, or less, in 2024 to truly amplify your brand presence and MDF dollars.
  10. Understand your total addressable partner ecosystem market (TAPEM) so you know where to grow and take share:
    • Anyone out there not have growth goals for your channel ecosystem for 2024? Didn’t think so. We all want to grow and expand and deliver value for our stakeholders – ourselves included. For the first time, PartnerOptimizer’s Partner Ecosystem Intelligence Platform can provide the industry’s first, true look at the total partner ecosystem globally, sliced and diced any way companies want to see it. If you’re a company looking to invest in or expand your channel or make acquisitions, or an ecosystem leader building your case for expansion and investment next year, we can give you the panoramic view of what share you currently have, and what’s out there to get.

Act now to make sure your partner data and intel is a strategic competitive advantage for your business and your business hits 2024 with a bang.

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