LinkedIn Live Series: Ecosystem Chronicles – Data-Driven Success Stories

Ecosystem Chronicles: Data-Driven Success Stories is a provocative LinkedIn Live series, hosted by Partner Data Futurist and PartnerOptimizer CEO, Dina Moskowitz. Each 30-minute episode of this bi-weekly series dives deep into the transformative potential of partner ecosystem intelligence and explores the inspiring journeys of top partnership leaders who leverage data for agility, precision and success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Allan Adler Episode

Ecosystem Chronicles: Orchestrating Your Ecosystem like a Symphony

Very little is as irresistible as watching a conductor raise a baton and bring a group of musicians and instruments to life – teasing out just the right notes from the violins, the perfect beat from the percussion section, the high notes from the flutes — and bring them all together in a rousing crescendo.

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Linkedin Live Series Gary Sabin

Ecosystem Chronicles: Lessons on Partner Intelligence from ‘The Martian’

Don’t miss this mission critical session of Ecosystem Chronicles, Data Driven Success Stories with Gary Sabin, Impartner VP of Product, and Partner Optimizer and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz about how top companies are growing their revenue by turning to the channel analytic technologies within Imparter’s award winning PRM and PartnerOptimizer’s Partner Intelligence Platform for Ecosystems (PIPE), to decide which partners to focus on, cut and recruit.

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Linkedin Live Series Nancy Ridge

Ecosystem Chronicles: Customer Exp Starts w/Right Partners w/Right Data

Co-producer of the research, Nancy Ridge of Ridge Innovative (along with Phoenix Consulting), stops by this session of Ecosystem Chronicles live from Channel Partners Expo with host, PartnerOptimizer CEO Dina Moskowitz. They’ll pull back the curtain on how new technologies can elevate the customer experience one step earlier – with AI-powered partner intelligence that allows vendors to ensure they are working with the right partners from the get go to ensure a sublime customer experience from the get go.

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Linkedin Live Series Kerry Desberg

Ecosystem Chronicles: 20% Partners Delivering 80% Revenue Era Ends

Don’t miss this session of Ecosystem Chronicles, Data Driven Success Stories with PartnerOptimizer’s Fractional CMO and MarTech and ParTech Strategist Kerry Desberg and Host PartnerOptimizer’s CEO Dina Moskowitz.

Together they’ll throw down the gauntlet for ecosystem leaders everywhere to slay the revenue killing 20/80 paradigm by arming themselves with partner intelligence that’s delivering double and triple digit increases in partner-led deals, ARR, discovery times, conversion rates and partner deal sizes for the world’s largest corporations.

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Linkedin Live Series Clinton Gatewood

Ecosystem Chronicles: OMG Value Props of Ai-Powered Partner Intelligence

Don’t miss this breakneck paced session with PartnerOptimizer VP of Customer Success and former Channel Chief, Clint Gatewood. He and host PartnerOptimizer CEO and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz will share eye-opening front-line stories from global customers on how PIPE is transforming their ability to transform how they manage their channel.

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Linkedin Live Rob Spee Episode

Ecosystem Chronicles: Calculated Bets – Partner Intel That Feeds the CRO

For direct teams to have confidence in bringing the indirect channel into their deals, they need to have confidence in the partners they are working with. With the partner ecosystem as the No.1 strategic growth initiative for BeyondTrust, SVP Partner Ecosystems, Rob Spee, joins host PartnerOptimizer, Inc. CEO and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz for a no-holds-barred discussion on best practices Spee and his CRO are embracing to drive an enterprise level co-sell model that scales.

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Linkedin Live Blake Williams Episode

Ecosystem Chronicles: MDF Rethink-Do Better with Less

Williams and Moskowitz will crack open how data driven methodologies and generative AI can crack open your path to faster value prop creation, generate campaigns, and optimally apply MDF funds. Bringing partner intelligence and customized content together ensures that you only need to invest in and with your best-fit partners.

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