PartnerOptimizer has partnered with some of the best Channel technology platforms and Channel support organizations in the industry, including:


AchieveUnite is a strategic advisory firm serving medium and large Fortune 500 Global Technology Companies building world-class channel teams, profitable businesses, and lifetime partnerships. Whether it’s for SaaS providers seeking growth, technology companies looking to expand in the US, or global communications companies needing to accelerate revenue, mergers, and acquisitions are everywhere. AchieveUnite has a proven model to combine channels and ensure 1+1>2. AchieveUnite is comprised of experts with over 200 years of combined experience in partnering, sales, channel leadership, channel education, and coaching.

Chanimal University

Chanimal University ™ is the industry’s first, best-selling and most rigorous channel training—having trained over 10,000 channel managers. It’s industry gold standard Certified Channel Manager™ program trains, tests and certifies your channel, sales, and marketing knowledge.

“Great education – unbelievable depth of content here. It is more than just a certificate – It is an MBA in the channel!” Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Forrester

It includes the core channel management, sales and marketing curriculum–plus unique strategic and tactical electives for SaaS, online, mobile, retail, affiliates, OEM, alliances and more.

DigiPhi Solutions

DigiPhi Solutions builds selling partnerships for SaaS developers. Our focus and comprehensive program is working with companies ready to develop and launch a top-performing indirect sales channel.

JS Group

With more than 100 years of combined experience and led by channel influencer Janet Schijns, JS Group’s channel philosophy is that partners, providers and programs must break away from traditional ways of thinking and embrace a #DigitalNormal approach. What do we mean by #DigitalNormal? We mean simple is best, agility is key, partners come first, and the channel must embrace a strategic, automated, and comprehensive approach to program management. The channel no longer sits in analog siloes. Partners, providers, distributors, master agents, analysts, and consultants are part of one ecosystem that will succeed through methodical, digital processes and clear, positive communication across stakeholders.


PartnerStandard™ offers coaching, consulting, training, and a knowledge hub to help businesses start, grow and innovate through partnerships. The coaching services guide entrepreneurs and partnership professionals to become successful business partnership architects. The consulting services offer fractional Chief Partnerships Officer expertise. PartnerStandard’s Knowledge Hub constantly expands with curated partnership resources, including templates, checklists, guides, and KPI databases. Additionally, PartnerStandard provides market entry consulting for US businesses seeking success in European markets.


PartnerTap is the only partner ecosystem solution designed specifically for sales teams. PartnerTap gives sales teams and channel managers everything you need to identify new opportunities, collaborate with other sales reps, and measure revenue sourced and influenced by your partner ecosystem.

PartnerTap was created by technology and industry experts who have been building, partnering and selling enterprise software for 20 years. They are long-time enterprise sales executives who knew first-hand both the upside and the challenges of working with partners.

As they imagined how an ideal partner revenue process would work they realized that no one was focused on solving this billion dollar opportunity for B2B partnerships. There wasn’t a single solution out there to help enterprise sales reps and channel managers connect directly with their peers at each partner and sell more together.

PartnerTap is now the leading partner ecosystem platform for the enterprise. With sales teams from ADP, SAP Concur, DXC, Comdata, World Travel, LogMeIn and many more, the PartnerTap Ecosystem Platform directly connects thousands of sales reps and channel managers across companies so they can uncover new opportunities and drive more revenue from each partnership.


PartnerXperience supports partnership professionals and companies through their Academy and Meetups. PXP Academy offers a range of learning opportunities, from online to in-person courses and workshops, tailored to the unique needs of partnership professionals at all levels.

In addition, PXP organizes regular Partnership Meetups in European cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, and Valencia. These meetups enable partnership professionals to network, share insights, and learn from experts, fostering a thriving community

Union Resolute

For most B2B organizations, the set of accounts that are a good fit for their solutions is too broad to be addressed effectively with marketing and sales resources. Today’s buyers often leave extensive digital footprints as they’re researching solutions to their business problems. Intent monitoring tracks the research behaviors of buyers, allowing organizations to focus their resources on buyers that appear to be in the market. Union delivers the good leads

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