An Ideal Partner Profile is a representation of what a perfect partner would like like for your channel program. It describes all of the traits, or business attributes, that a company needs to have in order to be successful selling your products/solutions.

PartnerOptimizer is uniquely designed to build you a data-driven Ideal Partner Profile by aggregating and leveraging the data it mines and learns about your best performing partners. 

Using your data-driven Ideal Partner Profile, PartnerOptimizer is able to discover look-alike channel partner prospects, and/or uncover those existing partners who are inactive that you should activate. 

PartnerOptimizer reduces the time it takes for you to discover, research and score partners from months to minutes. 

Partner Discovery is the process of finding new channel partners who have the right business model and expertise to be able to drive new revenues to your company.  Partner identification is the process of researching a channel partner company to better understand its DNA.

Traditional, status-quo methodologies are manual, requiring a lot of time from expensive domain experts, and/or include the purchase of industry contact lists, researching who your competitors partners are, searching manually online, and utilizing general non-domain specific lead identification platforms.

PartnerOptimizer takes partner discovery to new levels of speed and quality.  It leverages your Ideal Partner Profile to identify existing companies in your channel partner program who are likely to be a good partner for a specific product or solution.

PartnerOptimizer is first and foremost focused on companies who are in a position to drive new B2B sales and consumption of your product. Industry coverage right now is extremely strong for vendors who are seeking channel partners in cybersecurity, IT services, cloud infrastructure, networking and communication infrastructure, and business productivity.

Some of the most sought after partner types we currently cover include but are not limited to IT solution providers, managed service providers (MSPs), managed security solution providers (MSSPs), value-add resellers (VARs), system integrators (SI’s), DevOps and SecDevOps firms, telecom and unified communications agencies, digital commerce agencies, marketing agencies, business intelligence consulting firms, and more.

Yes. PartnerOptimizer’s ever-growing database contains tens of thousands of B2B technology solution providers across North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middleast.  Companies that communicate all or mostly in English online will typically have the the strongest PartnerOptimizer-generated profiles.

Absolutely. Customers who use PartnerOptimizer for their existing partners are able to quickly segment, score and gain insights that improve engagement and activation of the right ones by 3x to 5x.

Customers who use PartnerOptimizer to profile and research partner prospects from inbound inquiries, conferences or other sources are able to quickly pre-qualify the companies worth putting their sales team on and investing in.

PartnerOptimizer profiles contain insights, terms, and phrases that create a complete view of that company. We divide the company attributes into these primary categories: business model, type, size, customer focus, technology stack (including competing and/or adjacent products), and compliance/certifications. We are continually enhancing our engine to identify the newest technologies and go-to-market channel trends

Our typical customers are growth stage companies and enterprise companies with 200+ channel partners. However, if your team is committed to growing through and investing in channel partners, or your ideal buyers are channel partner companies, we can help.

The PartnerOptimizer Team is composed of experienced channel professionals who are here to help you build and refine your Ideal Partner Profile for the future. We’d be happy to walk you through a demo.