Ecosystem Chronicles: 4th Partner Pillar: People, Processes, Tech-and Data

Linkedin Live Asher Mathew

The Secret 4th Pillar of Partner Success: People, Processes, Technology – and Data

What separates rising partnership leaders from the rest of the pack? They have a partner data strategy.

Partnership Leaders CEO Asher Mathew says top Chief Partnership Officers are making data their fourth success pillar for their ecosystem programs alongside people, processes and technology.

Don’t miss the 2024 opening session of PartnerOptimizer’s Ecosystem Chronicles, Data Driven Success Stories on LinkedIn Live featuring Mathews (who has also started and sold a data company) to learn why he says, “If you are not programmatically thinking about your data, you are doomed to be buying incremental lists forever.”

In this dynamic discussion with Mathew and host Dina Moskowitz, PartnerOptimizer, Inc. CEO and partner data futurist, you’ll learn how those companies who are intentional and aggressive in curating complete, accurate partner intelligence and use it as a dynamic resource to steer their ecosystem programs – are far faster, nimble and have higher revenue than those that don’t.

Get your 4th success pillar on, and don’t miss what is sure to be a meeting of the minds with two of the industry’s leading partner data thought leaders.

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