Linkedin Live Rob Spee Episode

Ecosystem Chronicles: Calculated Bets – Partner Intel That Feeds the CRO

For direct teams to have confidence in bringing the indirect channel into their deals, they need to have confidence in the partners they are working with. With the partner ecosystem as the No.1 strategic growth initiative for BeyondTrust, SVP Partner Ecosystems, Rob Spee, joins host PartnerOptimizer, Inc. CEO and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz for a no-holds-barred discussion on best practices Spee and his CRO are embracing to drive an enterprise level co-sell model that scales.

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Linkedin Live Blake Williams Episode

Ecosystem Chronicles: MDF Rethink-Do Better with Less

Williams and Moskowitz will crack open how data driven methodologies and generative AI can crack open your path to faster value prop creation, generate campaigns, and optimally apply MDF funds. Bringing partner intelligence and customized content together ensures that you only need to invest in and with your best-fit partners.

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