Watch Ecosystem Chronicles: Partner Intel Revolution: Jay McBain’s Wake-Up Call! (Episode 3)

Ecosystem Chronicles: Partner Intel Revolution: Jay McBain's Wake-Up Call!

In a landscape sculpted by 43 years and 10 million channel and partnership professionals, Canalys Chief Analyst, Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems Jay McBain, delivers a stark verdict on our collective partner intelligence acumen: a dismal 3 out of 10. This isn’t just a rating; it’s a call to action.

Twelve months ago, a “3” might have sufficed professionally, but the era of AI is here, and because of it, it is sweeping in a new era of partner intelligence and data-driven decision making. The inflection point is now, and those who swiftly embrace an AI-powered partner intelligence co-pilot to navigate, gauge, oversee and answer the critical questions about their partner ecosystem will propel forward. Those who hesitate risk falling behind and jeopardizing their careers.

Unlock the future in our year-end LinkedIn Live Series, ‘Ecosystem Chronicles: Data-Driven Success Stories,’ featuring McBain and host Dina Moskowitz, PartnerOptimizer CEO and Partner Data Futurist.

Dive into this provocative session to:

  • Decode the vital questions essential for your partnership career.
  • Embrace AI-powered partner intelligence platforms for an immediate edge.
  • Elevate your partner intelligence proficiency to tackle the big 6 questions about your company’s ecosystem, including TAM, SOM, and SAM.



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