The Vital Importance of Monitoring Your B2B Channel Partners’ Domain Status’

Domain Monitoring Feature

The Vital Importance of Monitoring Your B2B Channel Partners’ Domain Status’ – now available with every PartnerOptimizer PIPE Subscription!

Partner Intelligence that eliminates the cracks in your partner program’s foundation

If you’re in B2B tech channel marketing, sales or operations, you’ve most likely experienced the frustration of reaching out to a channel partner company, only to learn that they no longer exist as a company. The implications are not trivial. They range from wasted time to wasted hard dollars on tools to outreach and manage those non-existing partners ; and from future lost sales to actual loss of existing customers’ renewals.

In response to this frustrating and ubiquitous problem amongst all channel organizations, PartnerOptimizer’s Partner Intelligence Platform for Ecosystems (PIPE) has introduced a revolutionary feature that enables channel teams to monitor and stay up to date on the company domain status of every partner company.  Access to this feature provides crucial insights into potential risks, threats and opportunities within their partnerships.

“It all starts with having clean data. Garbage in, garbage out,” said Juhi Saha, CEO Partner1, a leading channel consultancy focused on helping companies accelerate growth and revenue with Microsoft.

The significance of domain status monitoring cannot be overstated. Changes in a partner’s company domain (website) can indicate a variety of scenarios that may impact a vendor’s business:

  1. Brand and Domain Changes: A partner may choose to rebrand and update their domain name, which could affect a vendor’s CRM records and billing information. With PIPE’s alert system, vendors can stay informed and adjust their records accordingly, ensuring seamless communication and business continuity.
  2. Partner Mergers & Acquisitions: If a partner is acquired or merges with another company, it may result in a domain redirect. This could signal a red flag for the vendor, as new partnerships formed by the merged entity could pose a risk to existing opportunities. PIPE’s monitoring feature enables vendors to investigate potential risks promptly, protecting their business interests.
  3. Unrelated or Invalid Domains: In some cases, a partner’s domain may redirect to an unrelated site or become invalid, which could result in lost customers and revenue for the vendor. PIPE’s alerts empower vendors to act quickly and minimize potential damage by updating their systems and exploring new partnership opportunities if necessary.

TAKE ACTION when you learn about a partner’s change in domain status:

When a “redirect” alert appears in the PIPE platform, users should take immediate action:

  • Investigate the redirect by either clicking through PartnerOptimizer (which uses a credit) or accessing the live web via the domain link.
  • Remove the outdated domain from their partner list and add the new domain, if applicable.
  • Update CRM records and notify the partner account manager of any changes to ensure all systems reflect current information.
  • If the redirect suggests a merger or other significant change, the vendor should promptly assign a partner account manager to investigate and contact the partner, ensuring business continuity and fostering new opportunities where appropriate.
  • Whatever the reason might be, the vendor should also reach out to the customers that they share with that former partner company, to ensure that they are still happy with the solutions and services being provided and to reassure them of the continuity of service and support that they will receive from.

If a partner company’s domain is “invalid”, and there is no redirect, you might be too late to save any future business.

Benefits of Utilizing PartnerOptimizer’s Domain Monitoring Feature:

  • Revenue Impact:
    • Ensures the retention of customers by maintaining support and satisfaction even when your partners’ business status’ have changed.
    • Informs you to pre-empt lost partnership opportunities and nurture relationships with the replacement companies.
  • Operational Efficiency:
    • Enhances CRM/PRM data cleansing, streamlining operations.
  • Marketing & Sales Efficiency:
    • Prevents the waste of outreach and campaign resources on unreachable companies.
  • Revenue Efficiency:
    • Minimizes delays in receivables and revenue collection.

PartnerOptimizer’s domain monitoring feature is an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to protect their interests, maintain strong partnerships, and capitalize on new opportunities in an ever-changing landscape.

PartnerOptimizer at its heart is a partner intelligence, insights and discovery engine. Whether you’re needing to discover the best fit partner prospects to recruit, score your long tail partners, enrich your CRM with important partner segmentation data, analyze your Ideal Partner Profile, analyze your partner’s competitive digital alignment to your brand, and/or research your Total Addressable Partner Landscape, PIPE is the fastest, most comprehensive platform solution in the B2B Tech Channel.

By harnessing the power of PIPE, companies can stay ahead of the competition and navigate the ever-evolving world of partnerships with confidence.

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