Ecosystem Chronicles: Choreographing Your Partners Across the Customer Journey

Gavriella Schuster Next Episode

While there is a general sense that one partner serves each customer in a continuous flow across pre-sale, sales, and post-sale motions, the reality is much different. In most partner programs, a full suite of partners touch and help advise, sell, build, and manage each customer – and each requires specific rewards and recognition systems to drive partner actions that are most important to the end customer.

Identifying those partner groups, understanding which partners fall into each of them and are best positioned to service your company and your customers, and building the right recognition programs are key to truly choreographing your partners to deliver a customer journey that’s a strategic competitive difference.

Learn more in this session of PartnerOptimizer’s Ecosystem Chronicles LinkedIn Live with Gavriella Schuster, CEO and Managing Director of Gavriella Schuster, LLC. Gavriella is a transformational leader and channel luminary whose background includes leading Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Team, growing a new channel to deliver $10B in annual revenues over a 4-year period, and generating over $40B in direct partner sales revenue annually, with over 90K partners doing business in the cloud.

Gavriella and host Dina Moskowitz, CEO of PartnerOptimizer and Partner Data Futurist, will dig deep into the strategies and data needed to most powerfully deliver a world-class customer journey through your partners. The session is June 27th at 8 a.m. PST/11 a.m. EST. Sign up now to secure your spot or get the recording.

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