Ecosystem Chronicles: Orchestrating Your Ecosystem like a Symphony

Linkedin Live Series Allan Adler

Very little is as irresistible as watching a conductor raise a baton and bring a group of musicians and instruments to life – teasing out just the right notes from the violins, the perfect beat from the percussion section, the high notes from the flutes — and bring them all together in a rousing crescendo.

Imagine then, the power of a channel chief, to tap into the strengths of each of the partners in their partner ecosystem and bring them together for the most powerful performance. The perfect ISV with the perfect SI. The best cloud infrastructure company with the best MSSP.

Until now, no source of partner intelligence was available to provide the level of visibility needed for Channel Chiefs to tap into each partner and make their partner programs truly sing. Don’t miss this rousing session of Ecosystem Chronicles with Allan Adler, Managing Partner, Digital Bridge Partners, a leading channel consultancy, and host PartnerOptimizer CEO and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz. You’ll learn how today’s top channel chiefs are using today’s most powerful intelligence solutions to identify combinations of partners that together, can powerfully accelerate revenue.

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