Advice: Don’t Give a Partnership Team Candy, Then Take It Away

Cybersecurity Success Story Case Study

Channel Partner Programs Need Channel Partner Discovery & Intelligence Tech   

We are often asked by our prospects to provide personal references from similar companies, which can be a challenge since each company views PartnerOptimizer as part of their secret sauce. Herein we provide a real-life scenario of how one channel team experienced so much success in their first year’s subscription with PartnerOptimizer’s Partner Intelligence Platform for Ecosystems (“PIPE”) that they reversed their CFO’s decision to cut it from his budget.


A channel chief at a prominent software company in the cybersecurity and SOC2 compliance space experienced firsthand the acceleration of partner recruitment and partner-sourced revenue from the use of PIPE for partner discovery and intelligence. Having subscribed to PartnerOptimizer’s PIPE in early 2023, it was time for renewal and the request was submitted to Finance for approval.

The Challenge

Faced with budgetary cuts company-wide, the company’s CFO at first rejected the budget request to renew PIPE, arguing that the company already uses ZoomInfo for lead prospecting and that should be sufficient. However, lead prospecting software platforms such as ZoomInfo are built for direct sales prospecting, lacking the depth and breadth of partner business attribute data needed for efficient, targeted partner discovery and partner intelligence in the B2B tech space. For channel teams, partnership leaders, and indirect sales, such tools are insufficient and time-consuming, leading to poor quality partner matching and missed revenue opportunities.

The Solution

The channel chief, faced with new KPI’s based on his performance success over the past year which foundationally stemmed from the use of PIPE, had to lobby hard to renew and retain his channel team’s secret sauce. PIPE is specifically designed for b2b tech partner discovery and intelligence, enabling channel teams to evaluate and pinpoint the best-matched partners efficiently. The channel chief made a compelling case to the CFO about PIPE’s channel-centric partner discovery engine by demonstrating the in-platform differences between PIPE and Zoominfo, explaining the impact of PIPE on his partner team’s success over the past year.

The Outcome

Once the need-to-have impact and relevance of PIPE was presented, the CFO acknowledged the unique prospecting and activation challenges experienced by the channel partner team and reversed his decision.  The company renewed its annual subscription to PartnerOptimizer, ensuring the channel team could continue optimizing their partner discovery and intelligence efforts, driving growth and success in the competitive B2B tech market.

Key Takeaways

  • PartnerOptimizer provides partner data, partner intelligence, and optimized search algorithms designed specifically for partner discovery and intelligence in the B2B tech space.
  • Using PartnerOptimizer results in higher productivity and more effective partner discovery compared to traditional sales prospecting tools.
  • Channel teams, partnership leaders, and indirect sales organizations save time and avoid missed revenue opportunities by utilizing PartnerOptimizer.


“PartnerOptimizer enables our team to find and recruit the best partners with ease, speed and visibility. When faced with the prospect of losing access to this powerful tool, we were able to demonstrate its unique value and secure a renewal. We’re excited to continue leveraging PIPE for our partner discovery and activation needs into the future.”
 ~ Channel Partner Team Leader, at an Industry Leading SOC2 Software Compliance Company

About PartnerOptimizer

PartnerOptimizer is a leading provider of partner discovery and intelligence solutions for B2B tech companies. With a focus on optimizing indirect sales and partnerships, PartnerOptimizer enables channel teams, partnership leaders, and indirect sales groups to identify, evaluate, and engage with the best-matched partners, driving revenue growth and success in the competitive B2B tech market.

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