Ecosystem Chronicles: AI in Sales-Uncovering Gold Dust as the Dust Settles

Linkedin Live Series Allison Bergamo

Ecosystem Chronicles LIVE from JSG’s suite at #CPExpo:AI in Sales: Uncovering the Gold Dust as the Dust Settles

Fueled by the widespread adoption of ChatGPT, 2023 saw a meteoric rise in AI-powered SalesTech solutions. With organizations turning to AI to accelerate revenue and business growth, it’s crucial to discern the solutions that are true gold from all the hype.

Join us for a LinkedIn Live session featuring Allison Bergamo, AI Advisor and Principal at Bergamo Marketing Group. Before taking the stage at Channel Partners to talk about harnessing the power of AI to supercharge sales and revenue growth, Allison stops by Ecosystem Chronicles for a live session with PartnerOptimizer Dina Moskowitz.

Bergamo and Moskowitz will discuss practical applications of AI in sales, and technologies like PartnerOptimizer’s partner intelligence platform, PIPE. Get ready for a pragmatic, insightful conversation about AI’s impact on revenue generation and how to harness its full potential.

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