Ecosystem Chronicles: 20% Partners Delivering 80% Revenue Era Ends

Linkedin Live Series Kerry Desberg

Ecosystem Chronicles LIVE from JSG’s suite at #CPExpo: 20% of Partners Delivering 80% of Revenue Era Ends

With a shrug and a sad look of resignment, for decades partnership leaders have begrudgingly accepted a universal stat about partner programs: 20% of partners deliver 80% of revenue in most channel programs.

The reason is simple, until now, no technology has truly been robust enough to truly grok what makes an Ideal Partner Profile – and ideal partner profile. It is the handful of firmographic and technographic data that all of us have relied on to date to allow partners to pass into our programs and draw our time and investment to help make them successful, that has kept us here.

So step aside ChatGPT and all your content, there is a new AI-powered solution that directly affects the 75% of revenue that flows through the channel: PartnerOptimizer’s Partner Intelligence Platform for Ecosystems (PIPE).

Don’t miss this session of Ecosystem Chronicles, Data Driven Success Stories with PartnerOptimizer’s Fractional CMO and MarTech and ParTech Strategist Kerry Desberg and Host PartnerOptimizer’s CEO Dina Moskowitz.

Together they’ll throw down the gauntlet for ecosystem leaders everywhere to slay the revenue killing 20/80 paradigm by arming themselves with partner intelligence that’s delivering double and triple digit increases in partner-led deals, ARR, discovery times, conversion rates and partner deal sizes for the world’s largest corporations.

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