Ecosystem Chronicles: OMG Value Props of Ai-Powered Partner Intelligence

Linkedin Live Series Clinton Gatewood

Ecosystem Chronicles LIVE from JSG’s suite: #CPExpo:
OMG Value Props of Today’s Newest Ai-Powered Partner Data Intelligence

Just this past July, PartnerOptimizer unleased its Partner Intelligence Platform for Ecosystems (PIPE).

Across the world, customers are having OMG, sit-back-in their-chair moments, as they discover the revenue accelerating and time saving value of the powerful, partner intelligence this platform is delivering.

Don’t miss this breakneck paced session with PartnerOptimizer VP of Customer Success and former Channel Chief, Clint Gatewood. He and host PartnerOptimizer CEO and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz will share eye-opening front-line stories from global customers on how PIPE is transforming their ability to transform how they manage their channel.

Learn what features and functions cause customers to exclaim “OMG, I never have to do that again (insert time consuming manual data research task),” and “You gave me 40 more hours a month to sell,” and “My best performing partners have commonalities I didn’t realize they had and now I can truly go find more who perform as well as they do!”

Don’t miss this critical session on how this bold AI-Platform has instantly changed the way top channel pros manage their ecosystems.

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