Twins Talk Tech Leadership Special Replay: Partner Matching to Maximize Growth & Profit

Twins Talk Tech Leadership Podcast

For those of you curious to learn more about the PartnerOptimizer, Inc. journey and how we came to innovate the Data-Driven Ideal Partner Profile, the Twins Talk It Up brothers Danny Suk Brown and David Suk Brown recently had a fantastic, high-energy conversation with our CEO and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz!

Why is PartnerOptimizer unique and innovative? All other #PartnerTech and #ChannelTech platforms focus on things to do with and for #partners only once you’ve recruited them.  PartnerOptimizer enables you to strategically and quickly discover best-aligned partners to recruit, so that you can then leverage your other partnertech tools!

Listen to this amazing conversation today!

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