Ecosystem Chronicles: Out: Growth by Head Count. In: Targeting the RIGHT VARs

Ezra Hookano Linkedin Live

The current macro environment has companies re-thinking their “growth by adding headcount” strategy. Three to 5X quota attainment per OTE was fine in the years of free money. It’s not acceptable now. For better ROI, companies are re-focused on channel, alliances and partnerships for better ROI. Many of these efforts will fall short due to lack of understanding of how to target the CORRECT VARs. Many companies focus their efforts on “the largest VARs”, or the partners that have sold the most in the past.

Don’t miss this provocative session of PartnerOptimizer, Inc. Ecosystem Chronicles to discover why the biggest growth opportunities might already be within your reach. Guest Ezra Hookano, SVP of Indirect with MarketStar will join host Dina Moskowitz, CEO of PartnerOptimizer and Partner Data Futurist, to uncover why deliving into the TAM of your existing partners will help you better leverage their unique expertise and focus areas and reveal potential at your fingertips.

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