Custom Reseller Partner Portals

Why start from scratch when its all here?!

Let us take care of the technology and save you thousands of dollars and months of lead time.

We’ve created a WordPress Reseller Portal Platform to handle your reseller relationships using best practices. Watch the video down below to see exactly what it looks like and how it can work for your reseller channel partner program.

Content and Reseller Agreement: done.

Take advantage of sample content and templates that work. Save money, legal resources and time with our reseller agreement template.

Registration made easy.

Form-based deal registration makes it easier to do business with your partners.

Improve communication.

The reseller forum encourages communication and interaction.

Reseller Locator – Drive leads.

The Reseller Locator helps drive local customer leads to your resellers.

Get the word out about incentives.

Easily list and explain your Marketing Development Funds (MDFs), Incentives (SPIFFs, commissions or margins) contests and more.

Make it your own.

Make quick and easy upgrades. Mask to your own URL and use your or them. Or you can have SaasMAX install and host.

Data is exportable.

Our portal is ideal for up to 250 partners. You can export the data and import it into Salesforce or any other CRM that permits excel integration.

Get your partner portal program up and running fast and affordably

Don’t let technology get in the way. Let us help you get your portal up and running so you can begin to leverage your resellers.

The cost is pennies on the dollar in comparison to all other currently available SaaS-based partner portals and PRM platforms.

How to buy

Buy it all and host it yourself. It comes with easy to implement instructions that anyone familiar with Word Press can implement in a couple of hours. Our World Class Reseller Portal is created in WordPress and very easy to set up and customize. We provide it to you in a zip file and help you to set it up.

When you engage with PartnerOptimizer for Micro-Consulting for two or more months, special pricing is available. We help you implement it, and use it as part of your roadmap to set up your reseller partner program with best practices.

Our custom reseller portal already supports many great vendors

Ask about special pricing available for PartnerOptimizer Micro Consulting Clients who purchase the do-it-yourself World Class Reseller Portal!