Twins Talk It Up – episode 66 “Partner Matching to Maximize Growth & Profit”

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Online dating sites are designed to find ideal partners. What can organizations do to increase the probability of finding ideal partners? We are pleased to have Dina Moskowitz, CEO of SaaSMAX join us to share why it is important for organizations to build successful strategic channel partner programs – for organizations to find their perfect matches.

Dina recognized a niche for a partner matching services platform, utilizing data driven intelligence to connect organizations with the right partnerships as well as provide customized channel insights to ‘shorten the runway’ and improve the success of channel sales programs.

Resources including dollars and talent can be wasted without tools and processes for identifying and building of the right partnerships. Instead of jumping to a search engine and combing through your CRM, work with an ever-growing marketplace of over 200,000 partners. the largest online marketplace

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the success or results comes from 20% of the inputs or in this case, partners. Dina shared that they have discovered this to be close to 95% and 5%, which further makes the point for developing a successful partner strategy. Knowing this will allow for the proper allocation of time and resources including marketing dollars. This will also lay the framework for extending the careers of channel sales directors, chiefs, and reps.

What does your channel partner ecosystem look like? How often if at all, do you monitor and evaluate your channel strategy? Assessing your channel program will help to pinpoint any trends as your current partners may not be your ideal partners in the future. There is no need to ‘swipe right’ when SaaSMAX is the perfect tool for identifying perfect strategic partners.

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