Top 4 Tips For Creating Your Ideal Partner Pitch

4 Tips For Creating Your Ideal Partner Pitch

How do you create an effective partner pitch that will actually pique the interest of ideal partners you want to work with? More often than not, companies are taking the completely wrong approach when it comes to pitching to potential channel partners.

So, how do you stand out among the competition?

Read 4 top tips from pitch expert and CEO of Startup Hypeman Rajiv Nathan, from his recent webinar discussion with SaaSMAX. Nathan, aka “RAJNATION,” has worked extensively helping companies of all sizes craft the right sales narratives to drive their audiences to action.




1. Think like an entertainer

Instead of thinking like a salesperson, think like an entertainer. Entertainers are solely focused on their audience. They have one thought in mind: How do I elicit an emotional response from this audience? When an entertainer in a popular band goes on stage, they have a set list planned in advance full of crowd-pleasers, not just their whole catalogue of music. Similarly, a good pitch should have a “setlist” of points you’ve considered beforehand to share with your potential clients that relate directly to them.


2. Make it about them

To pitch effectively, see and speak from your audience’s point of view, not the other way around. In other words, make it about them. Relate to them first: Start your pitch with “This is why we think our product makes sense for you.” What are their pain points? Instead of talking about how great your product is and listing all the attributes that make it great, focus on their specific needs and how you can make them look good. Even if you think the product speaks for itself, it may not if you don’t craft your message in a way that’s tailored to their needs and what problems the product can solve for them.


3. Focus on quality, not quantity

Often, companies focus on the number of partners they have and growing their network. The goal shouldn’t be having more partners. Instead, the goal should be having the right ones. Ideal is the operative word. Does the number of partners in your database accurately reflect the number of active partners you have? Even if you think you have thousands of great partners, chances are, you can do a better job focusing more in depth on finding the right partners rather than gaining more.

“When you look at partner profiling and looking at what your most successful partners look like, you can learn their ‘love language’ and whether they match with yours…like a dating profile,”
said Nathan. “The deeper you go, the more you learn, and the more you know, you get to know what partners are the right ones.”


4. Be their superhero

It may sound silly, but look at your brand as a superhero. Superheroes help people in need and save them from crises. When something “bad” or challenging is going on, they swoop in to save the day. Who needs a superhero when everything is sunshine and rainbows? If companies don’t think they need your product, they won’t be open to listening to your pitch. Again, focus on their problem and how your product can help alleviate their pain or make life easier for them.

A helpful method to use is the QUE PASA? elevator pitch model:


Companies tend to jump or start with their solution instead of leading with empathy and the problem. Take time to research the company you’re pitching, and be knowledgeable about their needs. Again, lead with their problem, and then go into how your product can be the solution that will save their day.

Want to learn more pitch tips to attract ideal channel partners?  Click here to listen to the full presentation.

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