RECORDED: “The Power of Story and Brand in the B2B Tech Channel” – Featuring TED Talk Expert Tucker Stine

The Power of Story & Brand in the B2B Tech Channel

One of the greatest challenges that technology companies face when it comes to partner and customer acquisition, is they market themselves as a product, not a brand, and a feature, not a benefit, so they end up solving a short-term problem, not building a long-term relationship.

The greatest brands focus on a problem that needs to be solved. They use language and storytelling that speaks to the voice of the solution in a way that creates trust and connectivity with their partners and their customers, so they feel seen and heard. This is where the power story plays a vital role in building trusted brand loyalty and the ability to grow, scale and adapt your business.

In this exclusive SaaSMAX event we are super excited to bring you Tucker Stine. Tucker has helped more than 250+ speakers take the stage and share their global ideas for change, including the highly sought after TED platform. His clients have been featured on TED, Goalcast, Upworthy, The Today Show, and hundreds of podcasts with over 100 million views.


Our in-depth conversation with Tucker focused on:
• Learning a critical formula for developing a brand story and narrative that connects you to your audience
• Understanding how your own personal brand plays a pivotal role in business development
• Discovering the critical conversations that need to happen in order to develop brand loyalty
• Introducing methodologies that help you define your partner and customer avatars and architect a story that is not defined by product and company alone

This mastermind-quality session has been brought to you by SaaSMAX PartnerOptimizer, pioneer of data-driven partner discovery, profiling, and channel analytics solutions. Laura Steward is the quintessential host for this chat, as a former Managed Solution Provider CEO who has lived through thousands of vendor demos and pitches. Please join us!

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