Recorded Partner Recruitment Channel Sales Workshop

Channel pioneers share proven methodologies to accelerate your channel sales

Invest just 30 minutes and you’ll learn the methodology top channel chiefs are using to reduce time spent on partner discovery and recruitment by 25% to 50%, and increase their channel productivity by 2X to 5X.

In this Channel Sales Workshop, SaaSMAX CEO Dina Moskowitz, SaaSMAX VP Client Services Clinton Gatewood share what they’ve been learning through helping dozens of enterprise and growth stage channel teams find highly-qualified partner prospects using SaaSMAX’s data-driven ideal partner profile methodology.

In this workshop, you’ll get the tips and tricks needed to build a data-driven ideal partner profile. You’ll learn why it works so well and how to leverage it in your channel career!

About SaaSMAX

SaaSMAX creates outstanding value through data-driven, intelligent solutions that enable B2B technology sales teams and marketers to increase revenue and speed to market by optimizing their indirect sales channel performance. With SaaSMAX’s PartnerOptimizer platform, channel teams improve the quality and speed of their partner discovery and obtain insights that drive increased channel performance, activation, and retention. PartnerOptimizer has profiled more than 300,000 partner companies and is adding thousands more each month.

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