Recorded Webinar: How to Use Social Intent Tactics to Close Ideal Partners

How to Use Social Intent Tactics to Close Ideal Partners

If you’re doing everything right to identify who the best Partner Prospects are for your channel program, then it’s time to ensure you have the best practices in place to recruit and close them. Time is of the essence.

One of the most important tactics to master is how to hyper-target via social media platforms. Learn tactical secrets that make the difference between success and silence. If you’re not getting the results you want from the time and effort you spend posting or messaging on social media platforms, then this is the session for you.

Watch or listen to this great conversation with special guests Mark Troy, Founder & CEO of Union Resolute, and Dr. Ashlyn Szilva LinkedIn, Director of Social Media & Digital Marketing at JS Group, as they explain how you can drive successful meetings to close partners with social media.

Also featuring and hosted by Laura Steward, Director of SaaSMAX Online Channel Events is the quintessential host for this chat, as a former MSP CEO who has had to live through thousands of vendor demos and pitches.

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