PartnerOptimizer’s Fall Release Elevates Partner Data and Discovery to a Strategic Competitive Advantage in B2B Tech

elevating partner data

Unprecedented visibility and control unite AI and human expertise for partnership success.

SAN DIEGO, October 3, 2023 – PartnerOptimizer, the global leader in partner discovery and ecosystem intelligence, today announced the launch of its highly-anticipated fall release for its Partner Ecosystem Intelligence Platform. This release introduces six groundbreaking innovations, providing partnership leaders with an unmatched level of partner data visibility and control, ultimately delivering a significant strategic edge within their respective markets.

Dina Moskowitz, CEO of PartnerOptimizer and Partner Data Futurist, emphasized, “We understand that the foundation of our groundbreaking partner insights is the granular data mining and curation of millions of business attribute data points. However, the true value of this data lies in our commitment to empower users with intuitive controls that seamlessly convert the data into meaningful insights. This synergy of human expertise and AI – a true hybrid intelligence – positions our users as digital leaders, allowing them to outperform their competitors. We are excited to introduce these innovations in our fall release, further advancing the intelligence and agility of our platform for our customers.”

Key Highlights of PartnerOptimizer’s Fall Release:


  1. Partner Ecosystem and Revenue Opportunity Analysis: Serving as a comprehensive starting point for businesses reviewing their partner data and revenue prospects, the new Partner Ecosystem and Revenue Opportunity Analysis provides partnership leaders with a panoramic view of their existing and prospective ecosystem landscape. Users gain instant insights into which partner companies are the most qualified to partner with the highest propensity to drive revenue, and just as important, learn which partners are not worth investing in. (See example of typical 500-partner cyber security company here.)
  2. Hybrid Intelligence Search: When it comes to searching and segmenting partners, PartnerOptimizer’s new Hybrid Intelligence Search is exponentially more strategic, powerful, precise, efficient and targeted than any faceted search or AI-only prospecting tool in the market. AI cannot guess the intention for a user’s search query, and AI cannot understand what partner qualifications are important to a company’s strategic initiatives without user guidance. Using Hybrid Intelligence Search, as users research partners that match the ideal partner qualifications for their specific business strategy, they can now click a button to view which business attributes their favorite or best partners have most in common – and right within that window they can quickly optimize their search query based on those insights. (Click here to view a demo of Hybrid Intelligence Search in action.)
  3. Enhanced Partner Profiles: The new Partner Profile page allows users to rapidly evaluate how a partner company aligns to any specific Ideal Partner Profile query they’ve set up within their user account. This feature is helpful when a user needs to evaluate and qualify a new inbound partner prospect (online, from a conference or an event, from a referral, etc.)
  4. Partner Ecosystem Data Command Center: Upon login, users are now prompted to select which partner data-related mission they need to accomplish. Whether it’s crafting new or editing an Ideal Partner Profile; identifying new partner prospects to recruit; evaluating their total addressable partner ecosystem; scoring or segmenting their existing partners for specific partner campaigns; researching an individual company profile for sales prep search; or more, the Command Center gets them to the right starting point in platform.
  5. Search Lock: This function safeguards users’ meticulously crafted search queries. It prevents the risk of search parameters being altered by others, ensuring valuable insights remain intact.
  6. MFA, SSO, Pen-testing: In order to meet strict security and compliance requirements of PartnerOptimizer’s customers, including some the world’s largest corporations, multi-factor authentication (“MFA”) and single-sign-on (“SSO”) have been added to the platform.


Theresa Caragol, CEO of AchieveUnite, a leading global channel consultancy, commented, “2023 is the year when AI-driven insights refine the visibility and control businesses have over their data, transforming it into a strategic competitive advantage. Given that 20% of partners typically contribute 80% of revenue, companies that embrace data management tools like PartnerOptimizer will sharpen their focus and outperform competitors.”

To experience how PartnerOptimizer revolutionizes partner data management and uncover the true DNA of your Ideal Partner Profile (IPP), click here for a demo. Discover partners up to 600% faster, achieve a 1,400% better conversion rate, and reduce acquisition costs by 539%.*

About PartnerOptimizer

PartnerOptimizer, a partner data intelligence company, exists to help channel teams discover new partners faster, give them partner insights to be more strategic, and save them tons of time and resources. The company’s Partner Ecosystem Intelligence Platform is the first-to-market AI-powered hybrid intelligence platform for the B2B technology channel that enables users to quickly identify new best-fit channel partners to recruit and activate and/or recognize undervalued partners to better engage within their partner ecosystem.

The company is trusted by global companies in the cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, communications, business productivity, IoT, networking, IT services, marketing technology, and business intelligence industries, is widely used by top channel and marketing agencies who us the platform as accelerator to help growth their client’s partner ecosystems and has received industry recognition from Forrester and Gartner.


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*Performance data from typical large B2B tech company.

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