How Using Partner DNA Will Grow Your Channel

partner dna webinar

Webinar for Senior and Ambitious Channel Chiefs

Recorded: March 4th, 2022

So you’ve arrived at the scene of a channel program.

You ask your team “What meaningful data and stats do we have about them today? Who are the good ones, and how bad are the bad ones?” The team shows you their PRM, but that only tells you the top producers are and the remaining 80-95% that are inactive.

Just like before DNA analysis was made available to investigators, there has been no fast, standardized, automated way to access the business attribute data that comprises a channel partner company’s DNA. Until PartnerOptimizer by SaaSMAX.

Imagine being able to make smart, fast, strategic channel growth decisions up front by using a forensic approach to understanding your partners

Watch the recorded webinar for Senior Channel Chiefs and find out:

  • How to determine the important DNA of your partners?
  • What important partner DNA has your team been missing?
  • If you could build a “WANTED” poster for your “Ideal Partner”, how would you do it?
  • How you can quickly find and catch those Ideal Partners
  • What else you can and should do with all that newly accessible DNA data.

In the B2B Technology space, way too many channel teams don’t know their partner DNA, which ultimately results in missed and lost opportunities.  Don’t be one of them.

This event is being brought to you by SaaSMAX PartnerOptimizer, pioneer of data-driven partner discovery, profiling, and channel analytics solutions. Randy Fahrbach, SaaSMAX’s Head of Channel Success, 25 year channel veteran and former Channel Chief at LogMeIn, will be hosting and taking questions from the audience.

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About SaaSMAX Corp.

SaaSMAX modernizes and accelerates partnership recruitment in the B2B technology sector as much as 5X, via its intelligent data-driven discovery and insights platform, PartnerOptimizer™.  SaaSMAX leverages neutral data-driven business intelligence, data analytics, AI, and deep domain expertise to provide automated channel insights, pinpointed partner discovery, and channel optimization.

“PartnerOptimizer named to Forrester 2021, 2020 & 2019 Channel Software Technology Stack”

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