So, you’re considering PartnerOptimizer™ for leveling up your partner discovery efforts, but wondering just what the process involves? If you’re switching to PartnerOptimizer from an old CRM data system or making other moves to implement a partner discovery solution it may seem daunting at first, but it’s not. You can easily scale your profile-based partner discovery, making it as in-depth and high-level as you want it. We’ll suggest different approaches based on industry, reach and depth of your current partner program, as well your business’ future goals.


Some common questions for first-time users

Will it be difficult to get started?

No. It’s not. Building your ideal profile is quite easy as you’ll see.

How long will it take?

Usually, it takes just one meeting and a few small progress updates to see results.

How will the PartnerOptimizer service work after setup?

PartnerOptimizer is designed to enable channel teams to rapidly target partners based on specific attributes. Partner discovery works both ways in PartnerOptimizer. Instead of having incomplete company profile data or lead lists, you’ll get standardized and verified partner data in your daily workflow. Best of all, you can start with just zero onboarding fees after setup.


Starting with PartnerOptimizer is fast


Step 1.  Set up your ideal partner profile requirements. Just fill out this form, with your channel team and relevant stakeholders. 


Step 2. Book a 60-minute PartnerOptimizer training that will go over: “Building and editing a campaign,” “Reviewing partner data,” “Use cases for various team members,” and “How to add into your daily workflow.”


Step 3. Start using PartnerOptimizer. Once you’re up and running with PartnerOptimizer, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to reference partner data with just a few simple clicks. From competitor data to other valuable deep dive intelligence, you will never have to second guess what that prospect is selling or what other products an existing partner is marketing.


Step 4. Ongoing monthly insights, as needed. Depending on which PartnerOptimizer solution you sign up for, you may access deep dive intelligence reporting on TAM (total addressable market) performance.


While this won’t close your sale, it will give you an increased level of visibility to help you make better strategic and tactical decisions for partner discovery.