Ecosystem Chronicles: Unlocking Revenue via Specialized Partner Offerings

Next Episode With Desmond Russell

In the world of B2B SaaS, it’s tempting to team up with as many partners as possible to push the same product. But when your product’s main selling point is technical features, the competition turns into a race of who can offer better deals and bundles.

There’s a smarter way to stand out and win deals. Smart companies are realizing that partners who create unique packages around their products, and also have strong sales and marketing skills, are the key to success.

The challenge is finding partners who can create these special packages and also have the sales and marketing know-how. That’s where PartnerOptimizer comes in – it helps companies find partners with the right skills and business savvy.

Join us for an engaging session on Ecosystem Chronicles, featuring Desmond Russell, Chief Partnership Officer of Partner Elevate. Russell, along with host Dina Moskowitz, CEO of Partner Optimizer and Partner Data Futurist, will show you how top companies use partner intelligence to focus on a small group of investible partners and achieve big wins.

Don’t miss out! Learn how to revolutionize your partnerships and boost your revenue.

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