Ecosystem Chronicles: Marketplace Mirage – Why Listing Alone Falls Short

Linkedin Live Series with Karen Fassio

Unveiling the Marketplace Mirage: Why Getting Listed and Integrated Isn’t Enough to Attract Your Perfect Partners

You’re doing the hard work to get listed in one or more of the partner ecosystem marketplaces or you’re thinking about it. But does a marketplace presence guarantee success? Will the floodgates open, ushering in a wave of buyers and partners? The resounding truth, as you may already have learned, is a resounding NO. A marketplace doesn’t do that heavy lifting for you. It’s still up to you to find the companies in that ecosystem with the highest propensity to collaborate and go to market together.

How do leading companies tackle this real challenge? They’re leveraging cutting-edge AI-powered partner ecosystem intelligence platforms like PartnerOptimizer. By modeling their Ideal Partner Profile, they identify the very specifically qualified partners primed to accelerate their success velocity.

Learn more from industry expert Microsoft’s former Director of WW GTM and Digital Channel Sales and Principal of Abundant Marketing Karen Fassio in the latest edition of PartnerOptimizer’s Ecosystem Chronicles LinkedIn Live series. Fassio will delve into how these technologies amplify your marketplace presence, serve as digital partnership advisor, offer data-driven insights to pinpoint your Ideal Partner Profile and identify high-Propensity-to-Partner (P2P) collaborators within your ecosystem.

Hosted by Partner Optimizer’s Partner Data Futurist, Dina Moskowitz, this session will reveal how PartnerOptimizer’s Partner Ecosystem Intelligence Platform is your key to:

  • Accelerating your success velocity within the marketplace.
  • Gaining a competitive edge over your rivals.
  • Harnessing an AI-powered advisor to navigate the ideal partners within your ecosystem, driving revenue from both existing and new partnerships.

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