Ecosystem Chronicles: Long Tail Myths-How Data Shows What’s Never Wagging

Linkedin Live Janet Schijns Episode

Live from Multiply, impartnercon ’24: The Myth of the Long Tale: Why Data Will Show You What’s Never Going to Wag

What’s “The Long Tail”? It’s the 80% of recruited partners that aren’t delivering revenue in most channel programs. Pure revenue acceleration is possible, it just comes down to getting the next 10 to 20% to perform as well as the top 20%. But getting there in 2024, requires doing something to break the paradigm and it starts with access to good data.

Hot off the ImpartnerCon24 stage presentation about a modern roadmap for driving partner growth, JSG Group CEO Janet Schijns joins host PartnerOptimizer, Inc. CEO and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz for a discussion on what partnership leaders REALLY need to do wag the long tail in their partner program.

Don’t miss this session to learn why old data, from old technology is costing partner teams millions of dollars, and how modern partnership leaders harness the intel they need to drive more revenue through their partner program and then activate on a go to market plan that can’t be beat!

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