Ecosystem Chronicles: How to Build New Partner Go-to-Market Revenue Machine

Cassandra Gholston Episode

In the year 2024, transformative AI-driven platforms dedicated to partner discovery, partner intelligence, and partner co-selling are revolutionizing the business landscape. These advancements usher in unprecedented boosts in revenue, transaction volume, productivity, and efficiency that can only be attained through the utilization of such technologies.

In this episode of Ecosystem Chronicles, discover how leading B2B tech partner organizations are elevating their Partech strategies and reshaping their partner revenue systems to leverage partner intelligence effectively.

Don’t miss this provocative conversation with Cassandra Gholston, CEO of PartnerTap, and Dina Moskowitz, CEO of PartnerOptimizer and partner data futurist. Brace yourself for an unfiltered exploration of the boundless possibilities in this rapidly evolving landscape.

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