Ecosystem Chronicles: Finding Acres of (Partner) Diamonds in Marketplaces

Linkedin Live Vince Menzione Episode

Live from Multiply, impartnercon ’24: Finding the Acres of (Partner) Diamonds in Marketplaces

Billions are flowing through hyper-scaler marketplaces, and both vendors and partners are scrambling to adopt to make the most of them. The challenge is, how do you navigate to find and activate those partners and/or enterprises who represent the fastest path to revenue for you. Hot off the Impartnercon stage speaking about “The Marketplace Moment,” Ultimate Partner CEO Vince Menzione joins Ecosystem Chronicles host PartnerOptimizer, Inc. CEO and Partner Data Futurist Dina Moskowitz to talk about:

  • The real acres of diamond opportunities just below the surface waiting to be mined. Instead of chasing the same large partners and enterprise whales as everyone else uncover the 40 to 60 million mid-sized companies often left unnurtured
  • How you can turn to next-generation partner intelligence solutions like PartnerOptimizer to discover your best fit “gem” partners and accelerate your go to market.

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