Ecosystem Chronicles: Fastest Path to Ecosystem Revenue? Existing Partners

Linkedin Live Series Glenn Robertson

Ecosystem Chronicles LIVE from JSG’s suite: #CPExpo: The Fastest Path to Ecosystem Revenue? Your Existing Partners

Companies worldwide invest heavily in recruiting partners, yet often, only a small percentage of partners drive the majority of revenue. This is because many programs lack the means to effectively identify partners who are ideal for long-term, profitable partnerships.

The good news is that AI-powered ecosystem platforms can now provide immediate insights into which partners in your current program are worth keeping, nurturing, or letting go. Existing partners, already familiar with your business, can represent the quickest path to revenue growth when properly identified, engaged and enabled. These partners already have the trusted relationships with the customers you want to be doing business with. They can also be used as a model of other partners that you want to attract. Where trust is the new currency, partners you now are far more valuable than those that you don’t.

Join us for this session of Ecosystem Chronicles LIVE from Channel Partners Expo, featuring CEO of The Channel Agency, Glenn Robertson, and host PartnerOptimizer CEO and Partner Data Futurist, Dina Moskowitz. Discover how to streamline your revenue generation by leveraging your existing partner ecosystem.

Learn how to optimize your partner relationships and maximize revenue potential.

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