Creating a Digital Ideal Partner Profile: The Key to Successful Channel Partnerships

Creating Digital Ideal Partner Profile

In today’s competitive business environment, finding the right channel partners can make or break a company’s success. One of the best ways to guarantee that you’re partnering with the right companies is to create a digital Ideal Partner Profile (IPP). An IPP is an outline of the business attributes and qualifications that you’re looking for in a channel partner, as well as the expectations for the relationship. It’s important to create separate digital IPPs for each type of channel partner you’re looking for, such as reseller partners, referral partners, affiliate partners, influencers, distributors, etc.

There are many benefits to creating a digital IPP, including:

Data Collection and Analysis:

Your digital IPP allows you to collect data on potential partners and compare it to your standards. Start by looking at which business attributes your top performing partners’ have in common. Consider which of those business attributes contribute to them being a successful partner to your company. Assess what types of expertise they have, their business model, their ideal customers, the products and solutions they are already selling. This predictive data will help you to forecast the performance of potential partners.

Drive Buy-In:

Your digital IPP helps to generate buy-in from potential partners by creating a scorecard that ranks them based on how well they align with your partner program. This scorecard can be based on the features or attributes of your ideal channel partner, and you can set a minimum threshold for partners to meet.

Go-to-Market Strategy:

Once you’ve ranked potential partners, you can create a go-to-market strategy that targets those that align with your digital IPP. This strategy can include specific offers that would be beneficial to your company.


Your digital IPP serves as a metric for evaluating and optimizing partnerships over time. It allows you to evaluate current partners based on the standards set in the IPP and refine the IPP based on experiences.


Your digital IPP can also aid in your own content creation by aligning with your goals and values for channel partnerships. This can attract partners that are a better fit for your company.

Creating a digital IPP is a powerful tool for finding and evaluating potential channel partners. It helps to identify the best fit for your company, optimize existing partnerships, and achieve better results. If you’re looking for help in creating the best digital IPP for your company, look no further. Book a demo today to get started.

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