Channel Marketer Report: “To Optimize Channel Programs, Prioritize Partner Recruitment”

In this article published in Channel Marketer Report, Alan Feldman and Michael Auer of Winn Technology Group, a full-service marketing agency with deep roots in the technology channel, discuss the importance of leveraging automated and predictive tools like PartnerOptimizer for targeted partner discovery of qualified partners prospects, and how “from there, the actual outreach and discussions can be much more effective and efficient.”  

Some key excerpts from the article are below. Click here to read the full article.

Key points

  • Finding potential new channel partners and resellers can be a slow, laborious process, as is courting them in hope that you and they can both see revenue from the joint efforts.
  • A critical mistake that many companies make is casting too big a net to recruit the right partners.
  • Alignment with your objectives and approach is very important, as the partner needs to reflect your organization appropriately, understand the differentiators between the many solutions they may represent, and be able to best position your solution in the right situation.
  • One of the more concerning errors made in finding new channel sales partners, though, is not being selective enough.
  • Automate partner searches: New services (we’ve been using PartnerOptimizer from SaaSMAX) can enable a thorough analysis of existing partners, or potential partners, based on a wide variety of criteria. The concept is to define the strongest partner persona, evaluate and assess who the most optimal companies are to pursue as new partners, or analyze those currently performing best, and drawing conclusions and targeting based on that data.  The approach also relies on maintaining a substantial database of resellers, so that the best recommendations can be made.

Click here to read the complete article.

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