7 Questions Top Channel and Partnership Leaders Must Know About Their Partner Network

Big 7 Questions

The era of the “popular,” three-weeks-a-month on-the-road Channel Chief is over. Knowing everyone and owning the stage is no longer enough. CEOs and CROs are looking for Chief Partner or Ecosystem Leaders who leverage technology and embrace data to answer strategic and go-to-market questions like these below.

While the knowledge you need to have about your partner ecosystem is deep and broad, at minimum, if you do not know the answers to the following “Big 7,” your career and/or career advancement is likely in jeopardy:

  1. How many partners do you currently have and how many are driving revenue?
  2. What is your Ideal Partner Profile (IPP), and how many partners in your existing network align with your IPP but are disengaged?
  3. How many existing partners do not match your IPP?
  4. How many partners are in the market that match your IPP which you are currently not working with?
  5. What is your share of the Total Addressable Partner Ecosystem Market (TAPEM)?
  6. What immediate revenue opportunities exist with existing and prospective partners?
  7. Do you need to recruit new partners to meet your revenue targets?


If you’re struggling with any or all of the Big 7, the good news is that a bold new platform has emerged on the partner leadership technology landscape that eradicates partner data blindness and puts the answers to these questions and more at your fingertips:

PartnerOptimizer’s Partner Ecosystem Intelligence Platform.

This powerful platform, powered by its AI-Engine, NeuralPartner, is 600% faster at identifying an IPP for new and existing partners and discovering new partners, with 1,400 percent better conversion rates for 539% less cost of acquisition. This elegant solution represents the best of “hybrid intelligence” – allowing users to ask strategic, meaningful questions and benefit from the power of original AI technology to solve the complexities of partner discovery and partner data management.

Just look at the example image below of a Partner Ecosystem and Revenue Opportunity Analysis for a typical cyber security company with 500 partners. Using PartnerOptimizer, it is simple to generate the same view of your partner ecosystem, by loading in the URL of your partners and noting which partners deliver revenue. You’ll instantly be able to answer the Big 7 questions – letting you dial in on which existing partners are most likely to engage, which partners are most likely to join on as new partners, and accelerating your revenue with AI-powered data insights that will allow you to outpace the competition. And of course, from there, the sky’s limit in how you can dive deep to reveal partner data, refine your search and explore new partners and TAPEM.


The Big 7 Infographic
(click image to enlarge)

Are you ready to:

  • Answer the Big 7 questions
  • Find, engage and generate revenue with inactive existing partners that match your IPP
  • Phase out unqualified partners who burden your program with expensive outreach, MDF initiatives and other investments
  • Build and grow out your partner network for a powerful 2024 with partners that are the perfect match for your IPP

Click here to take a demo and learn how PartnerOptimizer can help you immediately end partner data blindness and super charge your channel’s performance.

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